3DGSpot Animations
Skyjacked Absolution Poster

Thanks to our wonderful members and especially to the peeps that helped us adjust the name in Facebook, here is the new Skyjacked:  Asolution poster.

Still rendering out the hair and last scene but almost done.  Hair takes a long time to do, unfortunately.

Behind the scenes...

Being behind has many benefits.  Don't you just want to dive into them?

Get it Off finally ON!

Finally right?!  Get it off is finally in production.  The girls are doing their motion captured dance moves and getting ready to go to war!

We will need your vote to decide WHO will win at the end.  The Blue or Red team.  This is one war that we would love to be caught up in the middle of.  Please check out our FB page and cast your vote there.  Just comment either Blue or Red.

Your vote can dictate who will cum on top!  Please look for it in Facebook this week.  Cheers and from the 2 of us, thanks for all your support!

New Facebook page

Please check out our new business FB page and please help spread the word!  


Thanks everyone for your support!  Next year we'll have a new website and store!

Princess and the Bandit

Coming this Christmas!  Made a bit of a change to this upcoming movie.  Now called Princess and the Bandit!

First Look at Wordbinder X Zuzu

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Wordbinder X is here!

First look at our newest game coming very soon for Pc, Mac, and mobile.  more than 60 levels, sexy animations, challenging word problems and your favorite 3dgspot characters!

The first will be Zuzu but we plan to publish separate games for Portentia, Ariel, Kumiko, Andrea000, Muzette and Mrs Doe.  We're so excited about this game!!!!

Christine is back as Portentia!

After a long break and constant "bugging" by us we got her back!  The incomparable Christine Nguyen as Portentia!  Here she is finishing up the newest Poor Dick episodes "Wrestling Dick", "Healing Dick" and "Get it Off".

Christine is the genuine article when it comes to comedy and just being the epitome of sexiness.

"Wrestling Dick" coming soon!

Wrestling Dick

In Production and scheduled to be released early next year.

Happy Veterans Day!

Please tell your friends about our site.  We need more members to keep going.

Mrs Doe at Dildo Depot

Come play with Mrs. Doe in Dildo Depot.  This version has all new menus and all new sounds.  Check it out!!!

Please use Firefox browser in order to play. (Uses Unity Game Engine)